Ouat Media Releases Canadian Documentary Feature UNCLAIMED

UNCLAIMED - Trailer from Ouat Media on Vimeo.


Ouat Media is proud to announce the theatrical release of UNCLAIMED – a unique and compelling documentary about two men whose lives intersect through the burdens of war.

UNCLAIMED is directed by Michael Jorgensen and is NOW PLAYING via Gathr Films' Theatrical On Demand platform. Find a screening near you or host your own by visiting our interactive screening website: http://bit.ly/QAWtHz.


Ouat Media Presents Avant Que De Tout Perdre and Five Acclaimed Short Films


Ouat Media presents AVANT QUE DE TOUT PERDRE – The story of Miriam, a cashier in a supermarket who decides to leave her violent husband before... it’s too late.

AVANT DE QUE TOUT PERDRE is directed by Xavier Legrand and is nominated in the Short Film (Live Action) category of the 86th Academy Awards.


Ouat Media is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of the FIVE ACCLAIMED SHORT FILMS program on iTunes.

This collection of five of the top films from five of the top film fests will be a great addition to any film connoisseur’s collection.

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